Source: suburban townhouse is always a calm and peaceful place to live. The houses aligned, with the classical wooden fences we see in the movies give to the place a fancy country air. In this bucolic environment, you can pretend that everything is right and move on with your life like nothing else maters. In fact, is like they’re calling you to do nothing. And Doe — stands from John Doe — always know that the better place to start over is always a townhouse in the suburban area because you don’t have the neighbors butting your life like in the country and also you have the country air and the pretty little fences — and Doe love the pretty little fences because the way they look in the darkest hours of life — and night.** Doe is the new neighbor the nobody knows. The strange new neighbor. He had always an air of distinction that always make everybody think about him as someone with study, or at least, someone who knows exactly what is doing. That’s on of the reasons why he almost always get what he needs, but, the mains still is the sympathy people usually have for his situation. A man in a wheelchair always obtain more sympathy than a man with his two legs. After Doe moving in the only thing his neighbors know about him was that he have lost his legs in a car accident — that was the third version of the same story that he tells to everyone who asks about it — where he also lost his little daughter and his wife. “Well, they actually die in a car accident, that’s true” is what Doe always thought when telling the story to a full house in a Welcome Party.Doe is a simple man with a particular hobby.** The months passed by in some kind of a modern odd version of Groundhog Day, everyday day was the same. The same boring people passing in his front my window, waving to me with a white fake smile that everyone master when in the societies like that. I just wave back and sometimes nod with my head, pretending to care about it. People are certainly talking by my back, thinking how disgusting I’m. A man with no legs can be very disturbing to see, especially when this man don’t wear any kind of protection on what is left of his legs — on purpose, just to shock you know — the scars on my somewhat legs are always a good start to shock people and leave them unprepared in denying anything I ask.A lot of people think that just because you’re on a wheelchair you’re not able to do anything which requires more strength, like kill someone. They’re completely wrong, in fact, the years on a wheelchair, pushing yourself through the streets, give your arms an extra muscle force, you’re more capable of throttle someone with easy than a person who not have to push your own weight every-fucking-day like some kind of modern horse-man. But, you know, that’s kind of interesting and helped me with my hobby. Also, people tend to see you, when you are a handicapped, as someone weak and incapable of doing something like a cold-blood murder, they usually see handicapped people like someone that was incapable of doing anything illegal. They think of us as people who live in the marshmallow road in the chocolate house. That’s definitely not true, but, that’s also an advantage to someone who wants to commit another murder. But not just a regular murder, no, this kind of act have no finesse. This kind of people who kill people just to see the blood on the streets is the worst kind of killer. You see, every life is valuable, so, when you’re taking one, you have to make it valuable. This means you have to prepare yourself to a ritual, you have to make you own “death preparation” to kill someone in order to honor the life you’re taking away. That’s why I’m here, in this shitty neighborhood with all this shitty people pretending they care about me and about my dead family, to look out for someone who worth kill and also that be dumb enough to give me no hard work. I hate to work harder then I expected.My first victim here was Ewan. He was this kind of suburban husband who hate his wife and kids but is impossible to him to get out the marriage, after all, what the other unhappy families in the city will think about him? Ewan was the perfect target: dumb and drunk and always looking for some excuse to leave his house. In one hot night I invited him to come to my place to see some stupid NFL game. I really don’t give a fuck about that, but, these WASPs always have a thing for NFL. He accepted on the spot, even more, he promised me to bring food and beer, so I don’t have to leave the house to get anything. It’s kind of nice of him: be murdered and still bring me some food and some beer. For a second, I really liked that guy; I almost think that could be a shame to kill him. Anyway, Mr. Ewan was the kind of guy you want to murder as soon as you see him: rude, dumb and abusive. He beats his wife once a week — ate least — and his kids — in a bizarre scheme of switching between the two of them; every week was the same: I hear the screams, I hear some neighbors getting close to house of Mr Ewan and then nothing more happen. You know, because nobody wants to get yourself in trouble. But, the mains fact is that I don’t care about his wife or any relative he have, not at all, but knowing a little bit more about the target gives me an, mmm, how can I say, better taste when murdering him? Sounds a little bit odd to me say that to a action instead a feeling, but, it seems to fit pretty well in this context. The better taste I get when committing the crime make the the hole hobby way more attractive, gives a false impression of empathy between the two guys.The night was on, the TV was on the fucking game and I was dressed like some NFL supporter moron, you know, with the #1 finger and everything. Ewan was already drunk when he arrived, also, he smells like cheap perfume. I remember to see a brothel in the city entrance and probably Ewan remember that too. He just leaved the beer next to me and proceeded to the kitchen to make some sandwiches to us, like a NFL game men-ritual.That’s when the magic happen. A lot of people know that barbiturates and alcohol are not the best combination, but, what just some people known, is that you can put someone in a safe coma with a small dose of Phenobarbital and beer. You see beer has a low alcohol rate and Phenobarbital have a prolonged action, this two features combined give the combination of Phenobarbital and beer a good power to become a deep sleep agent. A man like Ewan can’t weight more than two hundred pounds and the bread of the sandwiches gave him an extra absorption power. So, in my first calculations, I just put a little more Phenobarbitals that I used to use with people with an empty stomach. Fifteen percent more to be precise. Ewan was a tough man; he took almost an hour more than I expected to fall in my couch, but, at least, before the last quarter started, Ewan was sleeping like a drug addicted, slobbing everything and peeing and shitting in his pants. Finally he was prepared to the second part.Mental note: I have to study a little more about the Phenobarbital effect; it’s not supposed to take so long to put a middle aged man in a deep sleep.Anyway, after put him on a deep sleep, came the bad part: take the body to the basement. That was always the worst part for me. It’s really rough to take a body with you when you have no legs and have to put a two hundred pounds idiot on your lap and then push your own wheelchair to the basement entrance. It took me almost an hour to do that, but, in the end, everything was fine. Stairs are also another problem when you have no legs. I’m able to down stairs on my own when I’m alone on my wheelchair. It’s not that hard and you easily maters this kind of trick on your first week of wheelchair. But, with a moron on your lap it’s not that simple. Remember when I talked about the respect you need to have for human life, even when you’re taking one? Well, sometimes you have to forget that for a while and do whatever you have to accomplish your mission. I looked down the stairs and then pulled away the body of Mr. Ewan. The stairs are pretty short and, you know, it’s not like he will be mad at me because of that.The second problem on this part is how to put the body over the stainless steel table; it’s pretty hard, but, for that part in particularly, I have a technic: first I put the body over one of this elevators for handicapped people — if you are one you can get really welcoming discounts to buy one of this — in front of the table and then you just have to roll the body from the floor to the elevator and then to the table. Yeah, it’s really that easy and when you have no legs this maneuver can save you a lot of time.So after about an hour dealing with the body, it’s time to start for real. The first you have to known when you’re about to flense someone is that you could not kill the person before you dismembered him. The rigor mortis is caused by death. Somewhat after 3 hours, depending on the temperature, the body will start to stiffen and you will not be able to work again until passed 36 hours. This occurs because of the ceasing of respiration in your body will cause a lack of oxygen; this will lead to a depletion of oxygen that will lead to a complete loss of ATP, which is the responsible for the cross-bridges during the relaxation, but, even without the oxygen, the myosin is still running in the body blood, binding with active sites of proteins, like ADP, responsible for the relaxation of the muscles, so, if you’re not able to breathe you body are not able to understand the lack of oxygen you are passing trough and the ATP isn’t able to tell the body to stop and the ADP and myosin aren’t able to relax the muscles and because of that the body will become as hard as a wooden plate. This will make very difficult to work with members, not impossible, just difficult, but man, I hate when I have to work harder than I expected. For my luck, Mr. Ewan was not dead when I started the flense him — that’s probably why I hear someone muttering in a really loud pitch while I was working with my beautiful and brand new knife.Before I forget, I need to tell another thing about the human body, this is relative to the blood. You see, after a few hours the blood will start to thicken because of the coagulation, so, it will become more harder do clean the way in order to make a good job. And, before that, the blood will still be very thin — like when you cut yourself and start to walk while dripping blood around everywhere — and this will make the blood splash all over you. So , for this I recommend you to use some kind of glasses — like the ones you see Walter White using in Breaking Bad — with a good pair thick rubber gloves and an apron that must cover most of your body — or at least the parts that will be exposed to the blood coming for the corpse — by now, Mr. Ewan was a corpse already.Some people think that you need to have a lot of instruments to flense someone. That’s not hundred percent true. Of course it will help if you have some surgical equipment, but it’s no mandatory. For Mr. Ewan I only have a book of anatomy and a set of three really sharp knives that I bought from internet a few days earlier — and here is another tip: if it’s possible buy all you equipment by internet, it will be better if you buy it from deep web with Bitcoins; there is a lot of good forums and vendors in there, give then a chance.Now, what is really important is to know where to cut. You can’t cut the bones, it will fuck your knife and the result will be shitty. The better start is always in the joins, like the knee, the elbow or the ankle. You have few bones there and these bones are weak, weaker than a femur for instance. You cut the tendons and then separate the member from the rest. I suggest to start with the feet-ankles join, it’s more easy to sharp your skills and also more reliable that you’ll not fuck your instruments. Then you can go the knees, the pelvis, arms and finally the head. The head it’s the more easy to get and also the more satisfactory when you done. Mainly because this remembers that you’re finally done with your job on the body.The last thing, before the cops, is the get rid of the corpse. I recommend — and that’s what I do whenever possible — is to put some pieces in your basement. You can dig a hole and then cover with cement and then put the torso there — the torso is always the worst part to get rid of — and then, the rest of the body, you can feed your dogs — if you have dogs — or you can get your car, go for a ride while leave the pieces all over the city — take care with the security cameras, they can incriminate you — creating a puzzle to the police. It’ll be fun.Another thing you have to know is how to getaway of the suspicions. You know, you’re the last person to be seen with the dead, it’s pretty obvious that the cops will came to your house and interrogate you as a suspect — this is another point when have no legs is good, the handicapped is always treated like a moron, a second class person, a person that is impossible to do something like that, and even more, a handicapped that have lost all his family is always a non-profitable suspect — and for that you need to have someone to put the guilty. In my case, the Mr. Ewan himself gave me the exit for the cops: the cheap perfume. I just say that Mr. Ewan was drunk and smelling like a donkey when he arrived at my place and so I send him home and go sleep after the game. His wife started to cry and confirmed that was a habit of Mr. Ewan to “take a break” at the brothel in the city entrance. Point for me. The cops are out of my house and I not a suspect anymore — ok, I was, but nothing will be proved since Mr. Ewan was a dick and no one seems do care about him. Another advice: if possible, choose your victim wisely, someone who was a dick before the death has more chances to not be so beloved by his family and so has more chance to be left alone to rot in your basement.The last advice is very important: always have a plan B for when the cops get you. And they will, don’t be so proud of you, sooner or later you’ll slip up and they will get you. For this time I suggest to have a cyanide tooth of something like that — the cyanide tooth will get you a more sophisticated look and a good general and visual impact.Believe me, you do not want to go to jail. It’s a nasty place where they have no education and no respect for life; it’ll be more pleasant die all fucked than to go to the jail.There is still one more thing you have to have in your mind when you start dealing with this kind of game: your techniques will become more accurate with the time. Your skills need time to adjust to your personality. For instance, if you are not a poor little guy in a wheelchair that already lost his pretty little daughter and his beautiful wife, you certainly would have lot more trouble with you neighbors and the police — this guys are usually a pain in the ass when you have all your members. You have to keep in mind that you will fail sometimes and your job will not be as good as you want. Sometimes you just need to make some adjustments, other times you have to change your entire way of acting — changing from a unsuspicious but very dangerous (to you) car accident to a lovely NFL game at your house late in the night can be a good change, for instance. It’s just a matter of found your path. Since you have found your own path, this game will become more and more natural with the time and, when you realize, you will be a professional and all the job will be doing like if you had been in automatic pilot all the time. It’s just like any other skill — like coding or play video-games — it will be sharpened along the time; the more you do your job, more good you become.Now, excuse me for the hurry, but the game is about to start.** Originally published athttp://mtgr18977.wordpress.comon March 19, 2019.