An old and sick man lay on his bed. Watching him, there is your nurse (and your son), just waiting for the right time to make his cruel vengeance. The old man, nowadays, can appear a very kind and sweet man, but, in older times this man is responsible for many atrocities, mainly for his son, who’s now working as the nurse for the old man.Day by day, year by year, the old man turns more and more a decrepit human being, but, her body refuses to die. And, with that, his heritage doesn’t come to the hands of his miserable son.Tired of this never-ending disease the son resolves that is time to give a hand for the nature and stops with the suffering of both of them. With that in mind the son thought of a way to deal with that, and with all of this in mind he makes a plan that, at the same time, could give for him the feeling of a fully and satisfactorily revenge.And the revenge starts.After de dinner, the son changes the medicine of his old father for a somniferous and waits patiently for the effect. And, when the father fall sleep he gently take a soft pillow, and, while he is looking kindly to the almost dead body of his father, gently he pushed the pillow against the wrinkled face of her father, who, on account of sleeping pill, did very little to defend themselves. After a short period of time the movements of his father ceased altogether. He is dead, finally.The second act of his revenge starts.The dead body was dragged by his feet all over the house, making a strange and peacefully sounds of death, right to the cellar. With a little axe in the hand the son starts the second part of his plan. The old dead body of his father, now a little hardened by death, already offered some resistance. Nothing that wasn’t easily overcome by the hatred kept for years and years. With accurate and fast axes son cut the whole body into pieces, transforming what had once been his old father in a mass of flesh and blood, and misshapen pieces, ready to be hidden and never found.Everything went well, after a few hours of the crime being committed, everything was clean and well hidden body in the room below the floor under the feet of all, without raising any suspicion. The reason was simple, the old man died and was buried in haste, without a fancy ceremony or something like that.But, not is that easy.Some neighbors soon began to feel strange, after all, even being very cruel to his son, he used to be kind to the neighborhood, maintaining a policy of good neighborliness and friendship with all. The disappearance of the old then created awkwardness at all.And all this would have gone unnoticed, just as an act of crass by a rich old man. Except for one neighbor, all others have accepted the fact and the dead of the old neighbor. One of the oldest neighbors on the neighborhood, a retired without much else to do, realized that there had been any movement during the night where the old man had died, theoretically.And with that in mind, the old neighbor decided he was doing his own investigation, and that investigation ended taking the old neighbor, more than once, to the police, both of which see the old insisting that something was wrong, decided proceed with interrogations throughout the neighborhood. The extent to which the research progressed I realized that the son of the old man became increasingly crazy and schizophrenic.Everyone thought relive the death of his father was that he was making him mad, but what few people knew was that the son was being tormented by his own father. Or rather, by their distorted view that his father was still alive. The beating heart beneath his feet pounded incessantly throughout the day, hour after hour. And it just became more inconceivable when police arrived at his home, for the final part of the interrogation.As the interrogation walked toward the solution of the murder, his heart seemed to beat faster and stronger, denouncing the criminal act. After hours of investigation, the author of the crime, the son of the old man, no longer bear the weight of his conscience and crime that showed him, beating at the ground beneath their feet, denounced him as the killer.And, crying for mercy, deafened by the mad noise of his father’s heart beating beneath his feet, he surrenders to the police and asks only that you take the house and away from the heart.** Originally published athttp://mtgr18977.wordpress.comon March 21, 2019.