And though the course may change sometimes

Rivers always reach the sea

Love is losing game, as singed by Amy Winehouse. And that happens to everyone, literately. Every time I listen to “Ten Years Gone” I can’t help myself to travel back in time, to times where everything is simpler and a love can be just two people who like each other.

Adulthood is like a brick broking your nose in a rainy day on June. The days and love will never be the same as they where on my twenties and the girls will never be careless like the one who, sometimes, haunt my dreams. Without a face, without a name, just a memory of someone who never existed outside my mind. Even though, I still remember the curly hair, knotted on a ponytail, and the lightness walk she always perform while we are facing each other.

She never existed, I know. It’s just a imagination, a dream. A projection of a hopeless romantic dumbass trying to escape from an mediocre life in a outskirt city of southern Brazil.

Let me tell you a little story behind the song ‘Ten Years Gone’ on our new album. I was working my ass off before joining Zeppelin. A lady I really dearly loved said, ‘Right. It’s me or your fans.’ Not that I had fans, but I said, ‘I can’t stop, I’ve got to keep going.’ She’s quite content these days, I imagine. She’s got a washing machine that works by itself and a little sports car. We wouldn’t have anything to say anymore. I could probably relate to her, but she couldn’t relate to me. I’d be smiling too much. Ten years gone, I’m afraid. Anyway, there’s a gamble for you.

Robert Plant about the lyrics of “Ten Years Gone” song